What do you mean by “Thin Client” ???

Your Browser Is a Thin Client

Your browser’s main job is requesting pages from the server and displaying what the

server has processed. Using HTTP as a transfer protocol, your browser parses (interprets)

the HTML code it gets from the server, but otherwise does little processing. Because your

HTTP client (browser) leaves most of the processing work to the server, it is considered a

thin client. There’s nothing wrong with a thin client, and it can process JavaScript. With

plug-ins, which virtually all browsers have built in, a thin client can also process certain kinds of files such as SWF (compiled Adobe Flash files), Java Applets, ActiveX Controls,as well as other files requiring that the browser have compatible plug-ins. For the most part, though, the thin client model is one where the server does the processing, and your browser’s job is to display the contents it gets from the server.


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