Cascading Drop down with simple JQuery script & JSON (W/o Jquery cascading plugin)

Let’s use an example:
Say I want to list available counties per state. So the the first drop down will be the state drop down, and based on the selection of the state, the second drop down will display available counties for the selected state.

<%= Html.DropDownList("StateID", Model.StateList) %>
<select name="CountyID" id="CountyID"></select>


$(document).ready(function() {
$("#StateID").change(function() {
var strStateID = "";
strStateID = $(this)[0].value; // get the selected state id
var url = "/MyController/Counties/" + strStateID;
// call controller's action
$.getJSON(url, null, function(data) {
// do something once the data is retrieved
$.each(data, function(index, optionData) {
$("#CountyID").append("<option value='"
+ optionData.CountyID
+ "'>" + optionData.CountyName
+ "</option>");
.change(); // making sure the event runs on initialization for default value

public JsonResult Counties(int stateid)

var counties = (from c in db.Counties
where (c.StateId == stateid)
order by c.CountyName
select new { countyid = c.CountyId, CountyName = c.CountyName });

return this.Json(counties);


Read full detailed at below reference , Thanks to Johannes Setiabudi for nice help … !!


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