fg.menu.js conflicts with jquery.ui.autocomplete.js

The fg.menu and autocomplete both add .menu() to jQuery. I renamed the fg.menu to $.fn.fgmenu and they cooperate now. 

It’s a quick change in the fg.menu.js. Change the line that reads ” $.fn.menu = function(options) { ” to ” $.fn.fgmenu = function(options) { “. And then to use the menu you call $().fgmenu().


7 thoughts on “fg.menu.js conflicts with jquery.ui.autocomplete.js

  1. Hello, could you show me how the fg.menu.js is after the modification. I’ve made the changes but it doesn’t work yet.
    thanks in advances


    1. Hello marta, I apologize for delay in reply since was out of town but if you are still having problem with fg.menu.js and autocomplete.js conflicts, you can send me that fg menu js file. I will verify and return.

      Thank You,


      1. Nipen, I will find out in my projects and will email you but it might be sometime next week or during weekend as I am on Vacation and can’t access vpn.


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