jqGrid : All required files to integrate

var modules = [
{ include: true, incfile:’i18n/grid.locale-en.js’}, // jqGrid translation
{ include: true, incfile:’grid.base.js’}, // jqGrid base
{ include: true, incfile:’grid.common.js’}, // jqGrid common for editing
{ include: true, incfile:’grid.formedit.js’}, // jqGrid Form editing
{ include: true, incfile:’grid.inlinedit.js’}, // jqGrid inline editing
{ include: true, incfile:’grid.celledit.js’}, // jqGrid cell editing
{ include: true, incfile:’grid.subgrid.js’}, //jqGrid subgrid
{ include: true, incfile:’grid.treegrid.js’}, //jqGrid treegrid
{ include: true, incfile:’grid.custom.js’}, //jqGrid custom
{ include: true, incfile:’grid.postext.js’}, //jqGrid postext
{ include: true, incfile:’grid.tbltogrid.js’}, //jqGrid table to grid
{ include: true, incfile:’grid.setcolumns.js’}, //jqGrid setcolumns
{ include: true, incfile:’grid.import.js’}, //jqGrid import
{ include: true, incfile:’jquery.fmatter.js’}, //jqGrid formater
{ include: true, incfile:’JsonXml.js’}, //xmljson utils
{ include: true, incfile:’grid.jqueryui.js’}, //jQuery UI utils
{ include: true, incfile:’jquery.searchFilter.js’}, // search Plugin


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