REST API for Redmine : Create an issue in redmine tool from C# code


<add key=”redmineHost” value=””/&gt;
<add key=”redmineUser” value=”testuser”/>
<add key=”redmineUserPassword” value=”12345″/>


Redmine.Net.Api (  (download:



RedmineManager manager = new RedmineManager(Configuration.RedmineHost,Configuration.RedmineUser, Configuration.RedminePassword);

Dictionary<string, int> Projects = new Dictionary<string, int>();

foreach (Project proj in manager.GetObjectList<Project>(new NameValueCollection()))
          Projects.Add(proj.Name, proj.Id);

IList<Issue> issues = manager.GetObjectList<Issue>(new NameValueCollection() { { “project_id”, <<strProjId } });


Happy Coding ..!!


6 thoughts on “REST API for Redmine : Create an issue in redmine tool from C# code

  1. Hi,

    Saw this article and thought of posting my own problem.

    I have to create a report by accessing redmine data. This report will be a consolidated report of projects for all projects in the redmine database.

    Any ideas on how to do this? A SQL query with the table associations would be a good start. I have setup Redmine on my local system and can access the Redmine database.

    I plan on creating a HTML5 .Net based web application. I would write an IIS service (or maybe a REST) service to fetch data from the Redmine production database.

    Any help/pointers would be deeply appreciated.



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