Android : Build.prop change (How-to change DPI value in android phone)

How-To Change the Density Setting:
To accomplish this, all you have to do is change the build.prop setting for “ro.sf.lcd_density”. There are multiple programs out there that makes this much easier but I have found the best results with “ROM Toolbox”. Feel free to buy the full version to support the dev but if all you are looking to do is change the density setting, the lite version will do just fine.

1. download and install “ROM Toolbox” from the Google Play Store
2. go to the “Performance” tab
3. click “build.prop tweaks”
4. change the “LCD Density” slider to whatever DPI you like
5. reboot

Best DPI is 320

———————————– Google Play Store Says : Device not compatible —————–

Here are the steps to get the market working again:
1. Change LCD Density back to stock (320)
2. Reboot to take effect
3. Clear the data for the Google Play Store AND Google Services Framework
4. Open the Play Store app and you should see everything again
5. Change LCD density back to whatever you like.
6. Reboot


*****Note: Use this method at your own risk. Method might react differently on each diff. devices. 

I am not responsible for anything that happens to your device!



2 thoughts on “Android : Build.prop change (How-to change DPI value in android phone)

  1. After changing density phone stucked in boot loader .how can i get prevuse density .help me .now my phone is useless


    1. Lipin, changing dpi is like changing resolution on a pc and shouldn’t stuck on boot as build file doesn’t have any bootloader settings. Which phone and model you have?


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