Another nice jquery model dialog plugin with easy to use animations


The idea is to have a trigger button (or any element) which will make a modal window appear on click using a simple transition (or animation)


7 thoughts on “Another nice jquery model dialog plugin with easy to use animations

    1. Hello Andisi, We have tried this in one of our small scale projects but you may also find this kind of animation using tradition jquery or you may follow CSS animations also.

      Hope this helps.


  1. Hi Bhavin, thanks for the reply but it seems a wordpress plugin and i think it good ( correct me if im wrong ) for people like me that arent good with CSS programming or jquery, php



    1. Hello Andisi, I agree that its indeed really nice plugin. I was just trying that if company has nice resources, I think there are many other options available for Modal Dialog. If you are using angularjs , let me know i can help with such dialog plugin.

      Thanks for your reply. Appreciate it.


  2. Thanks Bhavin for the reply .
    Since you have the plugin can you let me know if its good for me ?
    Or maybe send a copy since i dont have paypal to buy that plugin .
    I dont understand what angularjs is , i have a wordpress website and i dont know much about programming thats why i was looking for the plugin


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