WebService: Get all States from Country – JQuery


This is really nice webservice where it will return json,  array or html option list of countries and if you select country , it will return same for all states too.


The service is comprised of URL calls.
There are a only a few variables to use in the name-value-pair request in the URL:

where format is either:

  • json a json object
  • jsarray a javascript array
  • option an html option list
(optional) if you are after the states in the country
where country is the international double character designation for the country
ie. AU for Australia

thus you end up with a query string something like:
Which you pass to the webservice as:

Clicking on the following link will return a page with an option string of all the countries:http://www.westclicks.com/webservices/?f=option
Clicking on the following link will return a page with a json string of the states in Australia:http://www.westclicks.com/webservices/?f=json&c=AU


After implementation if you are getting following error – “XMLHttpRequest cannot load . No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.”   its, because of cross domain CORS request. You might use Jsonp with .ajax of jquery but looks like this web service is returning option string or json string , so using jsonp is not an option to use. 

Solution: so what i did is, I called controller’s method from jquery and from controller , i called this web service url and get option string –

My code  :

<div data-field-span=”2″>
<select name=”Country” id=”Country” style=”width: 200px;” class=”textBoxDecor” required=”required”>
<div data-field-span=”2″>
<select class=”textBoxDecor” required=”required” id=”state” name=”state” style=”width: 150px;”></select>

Script :


$.getJSON(“doctors/GetCountries“, function (data) {
                         var decoded = $(‘<div/>’).html(data).text();
                         $(“#Country”).append(“<option value=”></option>”);

$(“#Country”).change(function () {
            var dStates = “”;
            var code = $(“#Country”).val();
            $.getJSON(“/doctors/GetStates?code=” + code, function (data) {
                                dStates = $(‘<div/>’).html(data).text();


Controller Code C#

public JsonResult GetCountries()
               var res = new WebClient().DownloadString(“http://www.westclicks.com/webservices/?f=option&#8221;);
               return Json(res, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
public JsonResult GetStates(string code)
                var res = new WebClient().DownloadString(“http://www.westclicks.com/webservices/?f=option&c=”+code);
                return Json(res, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);

Hope this helps …    Happy Coding…:)

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