Little information about Different Session States…

ASP.NET has different Session State modes:

  • InProc, this is in-memory. Session State lives as long as the IIS Application Pool isn’t recycled or the entire IIS is restarted.

  • SqlServer. This is Session State is stored in a SQL Server storage. This is great because sessions survives after an IIS Application Pool or entire IIS restart, but it’s a bottleneck as it means that every access to the session requires a deserialization and/or serialization of the Session State objects and, after all, database connections and so on.

  • StateServer. Similar to SqlServer, but using a Session State Server provided by Microsoft. This mode isn’t used at all, but it’s an option… (I’ve no experience with it).

  • Custom. You can implement some interfaces/abstract classes and define your own Session State storage.

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