Angularjs With JQuery UI Dialog – First and Only example of non model windows

AngularJS Question :
I want to create Modeless / Nonmodal window plugin using Angularjs.
Basically , I have one button on my page and on click of it, i want to keep creating new small non-modal dialog window multiple instances.

– Angular JS with JQueryUI Dialog (created dialog service in angular which uses jquery ui dialog)

– capable of handling multiple instance of dialog windows on same page with same html template.

– uses ng-template in all instances of dialogs without interfering with eachother.

  1. Finally – Download plunker –
  2.  Github for Dialog-service.js

Another BootStrap option is  – Bootstrap Window


Happy Coding… 🙂

7 thoughts on “Angularjs With JQuery UI Dialog – First and Only example of non model windows

  1. Hi Bhavin,

    I’m working on an Angularjs based project here at work and while researching thru all the dialog/modal posts with regards to drag and drop and ran across your post and github project “angular-jquery-dialog-service”. I’d love to try it out in our product but our company has some strict rules about licensing and I noticed your code did not have any license information. Is there any way for you to either approve it’s use without restrictions or add a LICENSE file so I can get this approved?

    Regards, and great work,



    1. Hello Bill,

      Feel free to use it without any restriction of license. I am glad that it’s useful for you in your project. Your one thank you would be enough for me to boost my work.

      Thank you,


  2. Great article. I was using Kendo UI window and I customized to be compatible with ng-template. The best thing is to use angular plugins since it would keep syntax uniform across the application


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