Angular-Data–Dataset for angular

Why angular-data?
Inspired by Ember Data, angular-data is the model layer Angular is missing. It consists of a convenient in-memory cache for managing your data, and several adapters for communicating with various persistence layers.

By default angular-data uses the http adapter which is perfect for communicating with your RESTful backend. It comes with a localStorage adapter, and another localforage adapter is also available. More adapters are coming, and you’re free to implement your own.

Unlike Backbone and Ember Models, angular-data does not require the use of getters and setters, and doesn’t wrap your data with custom classes if you don’t want it to. Angular-data’s internal dirty-checking (via observe-js or Object.observe in supporting browsers) allows for powerful use cases and an easy avenue for implementing your own 3-way data-binding.

Supporting relations, computed properties, model lifecycle control and a slew of other features, angular-data is the tool for giving your data the respect it deserves.

angular-data.js vs angular-cache.js?
angular-data.js is the full data store that supports collections and communicating with persistence layers. angular-cache.js is a simple key-value store and an api-compatible replacement for $cacheFactory with advanced caching capabilities. Use one, or the other, or use both and angular-data will be able to take advantage of some of the features of angular-cache.+


Happy Coding.. Smile


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