angularjs : nggrid with Datetime or epoch datetime

I am currently working with Angularjs and NG-Grid plugin from the same angularjs team. I was getting issue in displaying “DateTime” field properly into the grid because, I was getting Epoch datetime format back to client JS from server.

e.g /Date(342342343242)/   Something like this we known as Epoch Datetime.

Now I was looking on google and found this really helpful article from “Christiaan Baes”

Formatting the date

First we need to add moment.js import to our index.html.

Then we need to add a filter to our app.js.

Like this.


angular.module('plantsapp', ['ngGrid']).   config(['$routeProvider', function ($routeProvider) {       $routeProvider.           when('/plants', { templateUrl: 'partials/plants.html', controller: PlantsController }).           when('/plants/:Id', { templateUrl: 'partials/plant.html', controller: PlantController }).           otherwise({ redirectTo: '/plants' });   }]).filter('moment', function () {       return function (dateString, format) {           return moment(dateString).format(format);       };   });;

And now we need to change our controller so that we can add this filter to our column definition for DateAdded.

Like this.


function PlantsController($scope, $http) {     $scope.plants = [];     $scope.myOptions = {         data: 'plants',         columnDefs: [                         {field:'Id', displayName:'Id'},                         {field:'Name', displayName:'Name'},                         { field: 'Genus', displayName: 'Genus' },                         { field: 'DateAdded', displayName: 'Date added', cellFilter:"moment:'DD/MM/YYYY h:m'" }         ]     };     $http.get('http://localhost:59025/plants').success(function (thisdata) {         $scope.plants = thisdata;     });

Of course we could set our fofrmat straight in the filter and and then just use the moment filter.

For this we just need to change the filter to this.


return moment(dateString).format('DD/MM/YYYY h:m');

and the columndefinition then becomes this.


{ field: 'DateAdded', displayName: 'Date added', cellFilter:"moment" }

And tada!!!!

Happy Coding… Smile

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