Angular FAB Button like google apps

I am working on IONIC based android hybrid app recently and I come across this really nice angular js plugin “Ng-Material-Floating-Button” from nobitagit.

I have used this plugin in my multiple projects and it’s pretty well working. I have also created plunker for anyone wants to test it or refer it.

my plnkr:

Plugin Download and Documentation:

Version 2 :  If you really like to color each button. use my new forked version from below github


Updated Plunker :

Version 3: If you want google inbox styled, small child buttons, please refer “mfb-smallchild.css” from my github location mentioned above.

It will look like –


Hope this will help other developers … Smile Happy Coding…!!


2 thoughts on “Angular FAB Button like google apps

    1. @Etee i developed it for my flat theme without any backdrop so never tried to set it up but i can look for other contributors on my github for this solution. We are using angular2 now so i might have component for ng2.


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