What are the most famous web apps built on top of Node.js?

Here are some Node.js apps that are famous for their scale and ridiculous performance.

Walmart switched over to Node.js on a Black Friday, got more than 200 million visitors that day, and never went above 1% CPU.

LinkedIn rewrote their mobile backend in Node.js, and proceeded to get 20 times the performance out of 1/10 the servers.

Groupon increased page load speed by 50% by switching from Ruby on Rails to Node.js. They also reported being able to launch new features much faster than before.

Paypal did an experiment where two teams built identical apps – one in Java and one in Node.js. The Node.js team built theirs in half the time. The Node.js app had response times that were 50% faster than the Java app.
You can read more about these incredible performance gains (and developer productivity gains)

IBM X-Force Exchange:
The backend (API) runs on Node.js in a CloudFoundry environment. This makes it easy to scale the whole thing horizontally and vertically on demand. The backend handles over 700 TB of Threat Intelligence data for thousands of customers: in a single(!) thread. [IBM X-Force Exchange]

Amazon uses node.js for certain services in their backend. Their newest website is also based on Angular.js. It is likely that their frontend is served by a simple node.js webserver instance. [At least you can use node in AWS: Node.js]

Netflix moves (or moved) from Java to Javascript in their backend. [Building With Node.js At Netflix]

​Many companies and projects are switching to Node.js like:

  1. Klout
  2. Koding
  3. Microsoft
  4. PayPal
  5. Yahoo
  6. simplereach.com
  7. Quad
  8. NodePing
  9. linkedin
  10. Flickr
  11. duckduckgo.com

Happy Coding… Smile

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