Angular 2 Directive – Show Content Based on the User Role

Show Content Based on the User Role —

Imagine that you need to show/hide content based on the user role. Let’s say you have a user stream that will give you the current user and you want to determine if he has permission to see the content based on his role.


@Directive({selector: ‘[ifRole]’})
export class IfRoleDirective {
user$ : Subscription;
@Input(“ifRole”) roleName : string;

constructor( private templateRef : TemplateRef<any>,
private viewContainer : ViewContainerRef,
private authService : AuthService ) {

ngOnInit() {
this.user$ = this.authService.user
.do(() => this.viewContainer.clear())
.filter(user => user.role === this.roleName).subscribe(() => {

ngOnDestroy() {

NoteauthService.user returns an observable.

The usage —


Only for Admin
Only for Client
Only for Editor



Very cool 😎 !

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