Maintaining a Private NPM registry for your Organization with Sinopia–Private NPM server

In this post, we will take a quick dig at setting up our own private Node Package Registry with Sinopia. “sinopia is a private/caching npm repository server” Maintaining a private NPM for your organization/team is very helpful when you would like to share the code only with them and not the entire universe. You can… Read More Maintaining a Private NPM registry for your Organization with Sinopia–Private NPM server

angular- Dynamic window height with ng-style

Recently, I was working on one nw.js (Node-webkit) related project for creating windows / desktop application using node/nw.js. I had to write window resize event and based on that I needed to show vertical scrollbar. in short something like – where height and scrollbar will adapt window resize automatically upon resize. angular code app.directive(‘winResize’, function… Read More angular- Dynamic window height with ng-style

iisnode installation & configuration

Recently I am working on Node.js REST API Development & wanted to deploy that on IIS. So here is my configuration steps – Hardware: Windows 8 x64 bit IIS 8.0 Software: Download IISNode from Go to – Verify open iis (Start->run->inetmgr)  & Go to Modules You should see following iisnode modules now registered… Read More iisnode installation & configuration

How-to with Node.jS & file system

1. Reading from a file Problem: You want to read a file from the file system and display its contents on the terminal screen. Solution: var fs = require(‘fs’); fs.readFile(‘data.txt’, function (err, data) {  if (err)    throw err;  if (data)    console.log(data.toString(‘utf8’)); }); Discussion: First, we include the file system core module using module inclusion as… Read More How-to with Node.jS & file system

Everything about Node.js (How-to-start)

Tutorials interactive lessons The Art of Node (an introduction to Node) Hello World Example Hello World Hello World Web Server Node.js guide Build a blog with Node.js, express and MongoDB Node.Js Tutorials At Project 70 Node.js for Beginners Learn Node.js Completely and with Confidence Absolute Beginners Guide To Node.js Developer Sites Joyent’s developer site… Read More Everything about Node.js (How-to-start)