WPF application hang problem – all possible causes

I have come across some weird problems in wpf application after deploying it and its only occurs in few machines though. so i thought lets just share all my experience out there on internet…

When your WPF application freeze / hang in windows, it might be one of following –

1) Make sure your display drivers are up to date. If possible , download latest display driver from manuf. site and install it.

2) make sure about font in that client machine. I.e make sure that font which you’ve used in wpf app is available in that machine.

3) try disable “Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache ” windows service from Services.

4) try changing DPI settings from 100% to 101% (this works only few times though , happened with me and worked in 2-3 machines only)

5) Make sure you have all used service packs of .net installed properly in that machine.

Hope this helps someone … Happy coding .. 🙂