Android SMemo : How to open .snb file ?

Once you root your android phone & install custom rom, you will loose all Touchwiz launcher (i.e samsung’s original) apps like smemo, sNote etc… 

Now How will you open those files which you wrote ?  You will get .snb files from android system & to get them you can use File Explorer or File Manager apps.

Once you have .snb file , do as follows – 

rename files from .snb to .zip then open in explorer

that will solve your issue. go into the snote folder in the zip file and then the media. the .jpg files will be images of your notes.

32 thoughts on “Android SMemo : How to open .snb file ?

  1. Thank you so much Bhavin…been struggling with this issue for ages! Worked like a treat! You’re a genius 🙂


  2. Don’t know if this will help anyone . It’s a bit simplistic….but I changed Galaxy phones and exchanged data via Smart Switch but I then found that my Snote files had become .snb files and I couldn’t open them SO I downloaded the new Snote app and I can now see my old Snote entries>


    1. I have to find test .snb since now i don’t use it and then i have to check. But other user just tried this trick on win 10 few weeks ago and worked so it might be your .snb.


  3. THANK YOUUUUUUUU!!! I had been looking to achieve this for HOURS till I found you post!!!!!! THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH, MATE!


  4. I needed to get mine SMemo files off an old phone too. I was hoping I could install a similar app on my new phone that could read the old .snb files but not having any luck.
    Thank you, at least with your method I do have the info. Just a pain to have to type in again. I loved my SMemo app! So frustrating when apps change so quickly from phone to phone!


  5. Nothing is working for me. I went into the root of my old phone, saved the .snb files as .zip files and can’t see or open any of them. S*cks !!


  6. Doesn’t work for me.
    On my PC extracted the .zip, in media de .jpeg’s are 2 blank jpegs with pale yellow (backgroud color) and one jpeg with no text.
    This is for all the .snb files 😦

    Any help would be much appreciated!


  7. Hi,

    This works for me but only shows the first part of the text. I have files which were long and would need to scroll and they are cut off. Please help!


  8. Hi ,

    I have the same problem with the .snb files. My samsung galaxy s broke and I have a copy of the files in GoogleDRIve. But my Mac will not open them and my new phone a Huawei either. What can I do?


  9. Man, I get inside of the snote folder from the zip folder and all I get there is only 3 photos. The photos just have nothing of my tipped things.
    The photos just have the color and stile of the paper where you tipping (in s-memo app).
    Please, help me.


  10. Copy the .snb file to PC, extract it with 7 Zip, navigate to the snote folder, and open the snote.xml in Word. It gives all the text and is very readable. 

    It wont, however, give the photos and videos you have embedded in the file.

    Or if you are running Windows 8, you can install the S-Note application
    S Note app for Windows in the Windows Store

    P.S. Your device needs to be a Samsung Manufactured Win8 device for the app to work.


    1. I think so..
      The snb note belong to a samsung galaxy s4, now I m runing an alcatel one touch pop and I can’t do much more. I need a pc and then will see what is happening.
      Thx for your time Patel


  11. Thank you so so much! I’m always fighting with electronic stuff, even when there are quite obvious explanations.. But your advice worked for me immediately and “rescued” so many documents! THANK YOU!!


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